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Charlene D. Winley - Daughters of Life Co-Founder and President

Dr. Charlene Winley’s journey to become the Founder of Daughters of Life began back in her early childhood. As the product of Christian parents, she was given the opportunity to witness “helping hands” in action.

Before it became politically correct, her father, the late Bishop Jesse H. Winley, General Overseer of Soul Saving Station of Every Nation, located in Harlem, New York, had an addict program that fed hundreds of addicts on a daily basis, providing them with food, clothing, and shelter as well as, offering them an alternative to drug-addiction and bondages. The basement of the church was a shelter that assisted women who wanted to get off the streets and begin a new life. Charlene recalls the experience as a child of seeing people strung out on drugs and young men and women selling their bodies on 125th Street. “I just wanted to let them know that someone cares” she compassionately shared.

Growing up 15th in a family of 16 children, it was common for the Winleys to have additional people in their home. Many times, it was pregnant teens, abused women, or single mothers with nowhere else to turn. Having these experiences reinforced Charlene’s responsibility to reach out, assist and affirm others.

Dr. Winley has a Master’s Degree in Human Development, Cognition and Learning from Columbia University, and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. She is an influential speaker and conference presenter in both the marketplace and religious settings. She is the President and Co-Founder of the Daughters of Life, a non-profit organization of positive women extending themselves to bring hope, encouragement, and stability into the lives of others.

She lives in Virginia Beach with her three sons and attends New Life Providence Church.


As a speaker, Dr. Winley is committed to:

  • - Inspire, empower, and educate people to move from where they are to where they want to be.
  • - Help others activate their God-given gifts by propelling you forward NOW!!
  • - Encourage and uplift those who are broken hearted, hurt and bound, offering hope and keys to overcoming life’s challenges and truly.

    As a life growth coach, Dr. Winley guiding principles include:

  • - I believe we are each responsible for our choices and for fulfilling our God-given destiny.
  • - I affirm that we are uniquely designed with God-given goals and dreams.
  • - I partner with you, focusing on your life’s desires, enabling you to see a clear perspective of the plan God has for you thus empowering you to move forward and leave a legacy for those coming behind you.
  • - I am trained to assist individuals in taking stewardship of their own lives.

    As a mentor, Dr. Winley guiding affirmations include:

  • - I activate and call out the gifts in mentees and students.
  • - I empower students to see themselves as a unique and created being capable of great things.
  • - I inspire students to take ownership not only for their learning, but behavioral choices as well.
  • - I partner with accomplished individuals from various field to inspire students in making great-choices.
  • Dr. Winley’s credentials include:
  • - Motivational Leadership Coaching and Mentoring for Children and Teenage Girls
  • - Dissertation Coach
  • - Executive and Business Coaching
  • - Instructional Strategist at WHRO
  • - Teacher at Minister Spiritual Gift Apostolic Annual Trainings
  • - Staff Developer
  • - Empowered teachers as educational leaders promoting forward-thinking and classroom engagement in the classroom.
  • - Virginia Beach Toastmasters Club, Vice President of Membership
  • BOOKS:

    Dr. Winley is currently working on these books

  • - On the atrocity of sexual abuse and molestation, and the healing and recovery process
  • - A motivational book for children and teens
  • - Legacymakerblog
  • “Partnering with Denise Britt and Janice Dildy as founders of Daughters of Life is the realization of a dream comes true.  I am truly both excited and prayerful about the many lives that this organization will change.”- Charlene D. Winley

    Janice Dildy - Daughters of Life Co-Founder and Vice President.

    Janice is a Virginia native, a wife and mother of three. She has been a Cosmetologist for eighteen years. The last fifteen years she has been employed by Hair Fantasy in Virginia Beach Virginia. In her years in the hair care industry, she has provided services to many residents of the local nursing home facilities.  In 2001, Janice collaborated with other salons in the community to provide donations for families of 911 victims by participating in a cut-a-thon.  Over the years she also had  the privilege of participating in several fund raising projects including providing aid for Hurricane Katrina victims and serving at risk young ladies for back to school, as well as connecting with other stylist to provide scholarships for several college students in the local area. 

    Through volunteering in her local church, she has provided donations for a home for pregnant teens as well as going into inner cities with ministry projects. One of Janice's favorite outreach projects was to partner with the Samaritan House for abused women and children in their effort to stop domestic violence. She has attended workshops and educational programs through this organization, counseled many women, and planned several fundraising events to help support women and children affected by this unfortunate epidemic.

    One of her goals has been to encourage and up lift the spirits of women by making them feel just as beautiful on the inside as she makes them look on the outside. Her greatest goal is to use all of her gifts, talents and abilities to build the lives of others.

    Denise Britt - Daughters of Life Co-Founder

    Denise is a wife, mother, Realtor, and the owner of “Hair Fantasy” for over 23 years,  Mrs. Britt’s motto is “It only takes one, to reach one, and change many.”  She has worked with the Virginia Beach Public Schools as an Adopt-A-School partner, and has facilitated on Site Workshops for developmentally challenged students.  Mrs. Britt has also trained and provided services to clients through the American Cancer Society “Look Good, Feel Good” program.  In addition, she has a strong relationship with the Samaritan House; sponsored several fundraising events, volunteered for their emergency hotline and distribution center.  Mrs. Britt created a campaign in which she teamed up with other salon owners to raise funds to assist the Samaritan House with the purchase of homes.  She, along with her staff, has helped many victims (women and children) of domestic violence.  Denise states, “Helping victims of domestic violence is very close to my heart.  Having grown up in a home which I witness abuse on several occasions, I became very much aware of how domestic abuse affects, not only a household but society as well.

    Over the course of 21 years, Denise, and the awesome staff at Hair Fantasy has prepared underprivileged children for their return back to school.  They have supported and celebrated women who have overcome alcohol and drug addition by supplying free makeovers to build self-confidence.  Hair Fantasy also joined forces with clients to raise funds benefiting Hurricane Katrina victims.  She served as a mentor to young girls through the Ladies with a Mission Ministry at Calvary Revival Church.  Currently Mrs. Britt is involved in prison ministry.  

    Charlene D. Winley - Co-Founder/President   

    Janice Dildy - Co-Founder/Vice President

    Denise Britt - Co-Founder  

    Honoarable Tanya Bullock, Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

    Honorable Eileen Olds, Chesapeake Family Court

    Deidre McBride, Director of Chesapeake Conference Center

    Tammie Mullins-Rice, Fund Development

    Angela Spruill, Communication Specialist, Norfolk Public Schools


    Charlene Winley - President

    Janice Dildy - Vice President

    Denise Britt - Co-Founder

    Yvette Harrison - Treasurer

    Roberta Marable - Secretary

    Tracy Griffin - Member

    Maggie Turner - Member

    Linda 'Cookie' Caldwell - Member

    Sherese Leeward - Member

    Cindy Markovich - Member

    Gena Norman - Member

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